BattlEye Online - Patch Notes

Feb 21, 2017



BattlEye® has been implemented as BlackShot's new Anti-Cheat program.

Responsible for the protection of several AAA online games, BattlEye® provides gold standard protection service that relentlessly hunts down any hacks, constantly evolving to make hacking ever-increasingly harder. 

This new partnership is Vertigo's Team response to the huge community feedback and support, as well as the first strong step towards our plan to bring BlackShot to a new level of gaming experience.

More about BattlEye®

System Changes

Weapon rebalance

After the amazing community feedback, 3 of your favorite weapons were rebalanced to perform more appropriately to the BlackShot standards.

MSR Phoenix

Received a tweak on performance 

BAMF Edge Gold & Black 

Slightly increasing on performance of these Rifles

Steam DLC issue fixed

We recently noticed that our item delivery system on Steam was not performing as expected.

After investigating the situation, our Development team has fixed the issue.  

If you experienced issues purchasing items on Steam and still did not receive your item please contact our support system at

Main Bug Fixes


FIXED - Mode displayed on Map UI showed abnormally on the screen 

FIXED - Price was displayed abnormally on the GoldBox in certain circumstances

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