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  • Choose a clan to challenge in the lobby and invite your clan members to join the fight!
  • New clans start with 1000 points, and points are gained for match wins and win streaks.
  • Each Clan War Season, clan Seasonal Win/Loss records are reset, while overall Win/Loss records are preserved.
More top tier firepower has entered the combat zone!
new weapon
McMillan Blackest Grade
This Blackest-Grade treated McMillan Rifle boasts a higher muzzle velocity, allowing its .50 cal rounds to punch deeper than ever before.
New Character
Irene is a master tactician who is as both adopt at both war fighting and strategic operations! Grab her at the Gacha now to add a new mercenary to your ranks!

Passives given to Irene Santa :
Bonus Exp(20%) / Bonus Mastery Exp(20%) / HP & AP Protocol+
Charging Forward
Each day from Dec 19 - Dec 25 CET have a chance to win Irene Santa. All you have to do is follow the daily conditions below:

1) Spend a minimum of 300 GEMs to receive an 1D Irene Santa

2) If you have Spent a minimum of 300 GEMs you can add an extra 3D Irene to your account by 2 hours of playing.

* Gifting will happen daily at 01:00 CET on the highest level character on the account
* Conditions are restricted to once per day per Papaya User ID. Progress is reset everyday.
* Time only calculated in match.

19 Dec - 13 Jan